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Jill Kelly escort

Jill Kelly - The Director Joins In.

I am Jill Kelly and here are a few clips of me in a porno. (The full length video can be downloaded at ).

Julian and I turned up on set. It was a seriously dirty little motel room. Very low production level. Seedy director, camera man and cute make up artist.

Julian and I were married for a number of years but that didnt stop us from working in porn and swinging. Julian used to love watching me fucking some college kid and I loved doing it. I would also hook up with truck drivers for real seedy sex in motels, accountants and many more!

This shoot reminded me of a lot of my motel escapades with truck drivers. Instead of a truck driver I had a seedy director who believed it was his god given right to get access to the anal passage of every girl he used in a movie.

The director didnt realise we were married. As Julian was getting ready he started to speak to me and asked me to show him my arse. I bent over and lifted my dress up. He grabbed my butt and said "Good, good I will be taking this later". One of his hands held my arse open and he then pushed a finger straight into my tight arsehole. I didnt stop him, I knew if Julian saw he would be turned on and would encourage it. The guys fingers were really dirty and going deep into my arse.

He then stopped and I pulled my dress up and went to the bedroom area of the crappy motel room. Julian winked as I walked in. "Met the director have we?" he said. Julian had known what the guy was like and had set it up. The shoot was just Julian, the director and the camera man we started to shoot and the director got his cock out as well. "I want a few POV shots as we are doing this" he declared and shoved his cock into my mouth. As we shot the scene he would stop now and again and film me sucking his cock and Julian had his cock inside me. Just before we were about to finish the shoot he asked me to get on all fours. He then proceeded to bugger me really hard. Julian was on his back facing me and smiling. The director then shot all over my arse and calmly said "Right lets carry on where we were shall we?". We did!

I loved it especially when Julian shot his load deep down my thoat. I gagged it was so large! Just watch the video at to see what I mean!

Where can we see you now?

I am available for private shows and one on ones through my free web cam page. CLICK HERE TO SEE Jill Kelly LIVE OR FOR SWINGING. If I am not online just click to be notified of when I will be online and I will contact you the moment I am near a PC. Thanks Jill Kelly.

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