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JILL KELLY - First DP Experience

I am Jill Kelly and here are a few clips of me doing a shoot . (The full video can be downloaded at my official site)

I am from Pomona which is a small town in California. It is a serious religious hell whole. One day after shopping a friend and I went into a working man bar. Serious dump. The drinks were really cheap. I started knocking them back. These two guys, unemployed losers, came over and started talking to us. After a while my friend had to go but I decided to stay. The two guys knew the manager of the bar and suggested we went to the back area of the bar where the public weren't allowed for a private drink. As we walked back there one of them put he hand roughly on my arse and squeezed it. We got into the back area which was a dirty room with a broken sofa. One of the guys asked if I wanted to have some real 'fun' I said go on then and he got his dirty cock out and pushed my head down on it. It tasted vile but the whole sordid nature of this event was really turning me on. I felt his friend ripping my knickers off and pushing several fat unclean fingers into my pussy and arsehole. This was really turning me on. I had never met these guys, they were ugly dirty and dam they smelt but I was now sucking cock and my pussy and arse where being roughly treated. They pulled my clothes off and got me on the floor. They just wanted to get as much in me as quick as possible! There were fingers and cocks in my arse, in my pussy, in my mouth and mouths sucking my beasts all the time! I had never done a dp before and now was going to be my first time. They didn't ask me if I wanted to do it they just did it. They were really rough as they banged both my tight teenage holes! It was amazing. They both ended up shooting their dirty cum either inside me or down my throat!

Where can we see you now?

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