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I am Jill Kelly and here are a few clips of me doing a shoot which turned out to be a rather naughty anal scene. (The full length video on this page can be downloaded at my official site)

This shoot was just dirty. Just the stud, the cameraman and me. I got there early and the stud, who I had never met walked straight up to me and said "I will be fucking your arse for you today". He then said "Would you like to see my cock before we start". Before I had time to say anything he had got it out and put my hand on it. I didn't even know his name, I was wanking him and now he had slid his hand up my dress and was working his finger into my arsehole. Then the camera man/director came in and said "Ahh so you two have met each other". He passed me a fishnet outfit, knickers and some pornstar shoes. "Get dressed up and then if you come through we can shooting". The stud walked off with him and I got changed. I thought this will be a quick shoot. Was I wrong. I got changed and walked through. The cameraman was now naked and said "Right lets do this". We started off with a quick interview before the sex. Pussy sex was pretty quick this guy wanted my arsehole and wanted to bang it hard. He roughly worked it open with his fingers before banging his hard cock up there. We did multiple positions. The anal must have lasted over 30 minutes. He then shot his load. Usually on a shoot you then get cleaned up and go home. Not here. The cameraman who had be erect throughout came over and pushed me onto all fours and buggered me. I still had the studs cum running down my face. The stud got hard again and the two of them just kept taking turns using my arsehole!

Where can we see you now?

I am available for private shows and one on ones through my free web cam page. CLICK HERE TO SEE Jill Kelly LIVE OR FOR SWINGING. If I am not online just click to be notified of when I will be online and I will contact you the moment I am near a PC. Thanks Jill Kelly.

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