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This school girl shoot reminded me of, well a time at school when I got my tight pussy fucked behind the gym hall. The guy was one of the grounds keepers and I had been flashing him for weeks. One day after having a craftly cigarette out the back of the gym I thought no-one had noticed when he came up. "Smoking are we young lady?" he asked. I said "Yeah I am smoking hot!". "You have a bit of a mouth on you dont you?" he said in a stern voice. "Why dont you put something big in it to shut me up?" I replied. "Oh right err like what" he said all sheepishly. He was getting nervous and I was taking control of the situation like I was going to take control of his hard cock. "Just come here and unzip that bad boy I know you like my tits and want my pussy"...cont....

shyla stlyes
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shyla stylz

...He walked up to me slightly nervous. "No one will no about this will they?" He said as he unzipped his fly. "No-one at all" I said as I grasped his erect penis and pulled it into my mouth. I hitched my skirt up and started to rub my pussy while I wanked his cock into my mouth. I could hear him groaning with pleasure and felt his cock twitch. There was no way this cock was cumming in my mouth without first giving my pussy a fucking good servicing. I hitched up my skirt and bent over telling him to fuck me hard from behind. He inserted his penis into me and grabbed my waist. He started to fuck me really hard I was loving it. The thought that we could get caught at any moment really did it for me. He shot his load deep inside me. For the rest of the day I could feel his cum dripping though my tight knickers!

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