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shyla stylez

Hi I am Shyla Stylez and I am a pornstar. Years back when I was making life changing decisions I realised a few things, 1) I love the cock and lots of. 2) Men and women love to give me a good fucking. I was pretty palin and simple what career path I needed to choose. The career of a super slut.

I went online and look for agents for stripping work. I contacted one and sent in my pictures. They got back to me straight away saying I needed to come in for an interview. I went down to a seedy strip joint. I met the guy who showed me around the shit hole, sorry I meatn strip joint before taking me into the back office. He told me he needed to see me naked. I got my clothes off and noticed his cock had got hard in his trousers. He informed me that a lot of the girls did private extras for clients in this room and would I be interested. I told him that I was always interested in sucking and fucking and if I was being paid for it then all the better. He say "Well I have an erection care to sort it for me?"...cont...

shyla stlyes
shlya styles
shyla stylz

I moved over to him an under zipped his fly. He wasnt a good looking guy and I wasnt that attracted to him but that has never bothered me. If a man can get hard that is all I need. He had an average sized cock which was nice and hard. I pulled the foreskin back and dropped it into my mouth. I started to work the cock with my hand and mouth. I could hear him groaning. I put my spare hand on his chest as I got deeper into his cock. He then picked me up and bent me over the desk. My god did he start to fuck me hard. He was reaching around grabbing my breasts as his cock slammed into me. This was great I was getting fucked and would soon be getting fucked over this desk again and getting paid for it! I am such a serious slut!

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